Spring Is Coming – What Does It Mean for You?

A week from now, on March 20, we will mark our calendars with the Vernal Equinox – which basically means, it will officially be the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere of the world! But what does Spring actually mean in terms of climate change for your environment?

Many things symbolize Spring: flowers and plants begin to bloom, warmer winds begin to blow, rain showers the earth to nurture growth, temperatures rise… But the latter affects us and our homes more than we think, creating a great need to monitor the fluctuation in temperature and rapidly rising humidity. Moreover, with Global Warming lurking, it seems that Spring is actually arriving earlier than expected, causing imbalance in natural activity.


So, how do we cope with the effects of Spring? With our clothes we wear less layers and our sleeves are getting shorter, we may go to the pool or beach and drink more water to help cool down; but at home or work most of us just blast the AC without thinking of our power usage or if it actually helps us balance our environment.

Do you want to get ready for Spring and not worry about your home getting too warm or humid, or even suddenly cooler at night when temperatures drop? we’ve got the solution for you – order your Ambi Climate now through our site or Amazon (if you’re in the US), and help yourself maintain a constant and comfortable environment in your home, not only during Spring but year-round! You can also take that Spring Break vacation you’ve been waiting for, without worrying about your clothes in the closet getting damp or your home over-heating – simply by using one of our smart AI-powered modes and teaching Ambi Climate how to cope with your unique setting.

If you’re already an Ambi Climate user, we’d love to know how you’re gearing up towards the seasonal changes! Let us know in the comments, and Happy Spring 😉

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